Had a quick shoot with my photographer hours before the guests came, hours before the unforgettable party. Hair and make up by my absolute favorite HMUA, my sister. 

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ilivemylifemywaysg asked:
You're very pretty do u have insta


it seems my avatar photo and sidebar portrait is confusing people.

i am straight dude. 22 years of age. i am asian. please stop sending pics of your dicks i have one too. 

Anonymous asked:
akala ko ba lalake ka hahaha

lalake nga. di ba halata sa display picture ng site? or dahil ba sa avatar ko? haha

showemmore asked:
hi sexy young lady with a beautiful unique enormous smile :) you are indeed very beautiful :)

apparently i am not a young lady. please learn to look at the blogger’s display photo before you click the ask button.

Anonymous asked:
The profile picture, is that really you? :) just asking btw. ✌️

yes, its me.